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ONAN 5500 Installation. The wires are labeled on the harness as follows on a typical ONAN 8-pin wiring harness

ONAN 5500 Installation. The wires are labeled on the harness as follows on a typical ONAN 8-pin wiring harness

Listed here are typical installation guidelines for an ONAN 5500 Gas/Diesel/Propane with a generator wiring harness that is 8-pin.

Note: For action 7 you will have to buy 14-gauge electrical cable for the run from our ShorePower track to your transfer switch.


Turn-off your generator AC circuit breakers in order to avoid disruption of coast energy solution during installation and evaluation of ShorePower Monitor.


Recognize the following 4 cables in your generator wiring harness.

Work with a label or tape to mark each cable and that means you won’t forget which wire is which.

  • A – Ground – Brown
  • B – Stop – Green
  • C – Begin – Red
  • E – Run – Orange

The wires are labeled on the harness as follows on a typical ONAN 10-pin wiring harness

  • A – Ground
  • C – Begin
  • E – Stop
  • F – Run

NOTE: The pin connections above are typical ONAN connections. Not absolutely all ONAN generators have the exact same generator wiring harness connections as some might have been changed by the dealer or RV maker. Make certain you have actually correctly identified the 4 cables precisely before proceeding with step three.


Connect one Posi-Tap to every associated with the 4 cables identified in step two.


Result in the connection through the ShorePower track into the Posi-Taps (wiring harness) according to the wiring diagram supplied.

  • Green cable to E STOP
  • Red cable to C START
  • Brown cable to A GROUND
  • Orange cable to FRUN

Remember to link the wires that are correct the wiring harness once we utilize red-colored cables more often than once.

On our installation picture we utilized wires that are white expand into the harness because of location of our product. The closer the installation of y our product to your wiring harness will help you to make use of the provided wire that is 4-foot we offer.


  • Connect the wire that is red the ShorePower Monitor (I3) to at least one region of the enable switch with the provided Posi-Lock or perhaps look at the website a crimp connector.
  • Link the 2nd red cable (supplied in the zip-lock case) to another part of this switch that is enable. One other end with this wire that is red ultimately get in touch to your good battery pack terminal.


  • Connect the red cable through the enable switch plus the red cable from (L+) regarding the ShorePower track to your +12 VDC (good battery terminal).
  • Connect the black colored wire (M) regarding the ShorePower track to ground (any steel on the RV).


Through the ShorePower Monitor Power Converter ( See diagram that is wiring – Transfer Switch Connection):

You’ll need 14-gauge stranded electrical cable for the run from our device to your transfer switch.

  • Connect (L) on our MeanWell Power Converter to 1 region of the 110 Volts in the transfer switch.
  • Link the (N) on our MeanWell Power Converter towards the center connection (common) from the transfer switch


The ShorePower track & the MeanWell Power Converter should both have their green light ON, if most of the cables, like the cables to your transfer switch, have already been properly linked. .

  • To check the unit turn the ENABLE Switch ON and disconnect from coast power. The green light on the MeanWell goes down and in roughly 20 moments our product will auto-start your generator.
  • Let generator run for approximately one minute then re-connect to shore energy and our device will automatically shut-off your generator in approximately seconds that are 10-12. The light that is green the MeanWell can come right right back on.

ESSENTIAL NOTE: switching the ALLOW SWITCH On or OFF will not influence the light that is green the ShorePower track or MeanWell. Those two light will always be on IF the ShorePower Monitor is properly connect and you have shore power. The ALLOW CHANGE merely enables or disables monitoring.

It’s this that a set-up that is typical appear to be as soon as it is completed. You will see other client installation photos by clicking right right right here.